089: With Karen McGrane

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This week we were joined by Karen McGrane. Karen is a mobile content strategist and has a fantastic book called Content Strategy for Mobile.



Karen McGrane

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Karen is a stategist, author, speaker and educator.

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  • 24:08 Front End Architechture Showdown CSS Cargo Cult
  • 25:19 Does our Industry have a Drinking Problem?
  • 29:34 Scroll Hijacking
  • 34:56 Why does no one talk about RWD in the opposite direction, making things bigger for larger screens?
  • 40:50 Have you really heard Google say they'll punish non-mobile-optimized sites?
  • 48:04 I work for a small traditional advertising and marketing agency. We are often finding that clients are not fully understanding our project proposals and specs from the wireframes and spec we present. Some approve the wireframes then want to change core functionality or design features after development has started. Any advice on how to handle this?
  • 53:00 What is your opinion on websites that use large sliders on the landing page? Do you feel this is a waste of website real estate or a powerful instrument to convey a idea?