082: With Jason Santa Maria

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This week we were joined by Jason Santa Maria, a designer currently in Brooklyn, New York. You might know Jason from his work on Typekit or more recently the writing collaboration tool Editorially. Or perhaps from past work like the WordPress logo and from working at renowned web studio Happy Cog.



Jason Santa Maria

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Jason is a writer, educator and design director at Slate.

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  • 14:31 WebKit now supports the srcset attribute on image (img) elements -
  • 20:53 Jason, you were one of the more prominent art-direction bloggers with your v4 redesign. Did you find it hampered your writing since you had the extra burden of laying out the article in addition to crafting the words?
  • 26:21 What's your favorite upcoming part of the CSS Fonts Module Level 3 and can you explain what attracts you to those parts and give a little info/background about that portion of the spec?
  • 30:15 Should I chase money, or chase opportunity? I recently could have taken a high-paying corporate job, but chose instead to stay with my creative agency job. What would you do?
  • 35:37 I've recently applied for a few jobs where mobile web development or responsive design was a requirement. I started using Twitter Bootstrap about a year ago and use it for every project that I work on now. The feedback that I've received from employers is that their IT team feels that I'm just using simple templates and that I don't have the coding skills or chops required for the position. Does the IT team know what they are talking about?
  • 41:05 If I post code on Github and someone makes my code better or fix any bugs, is it legal to make a profit on their own code if I post it on an app store?
  • 47:44 How do I become a designer?