060: With Samantha Warren

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This week we were joined by Samantha Warren, a designer and recent San Fransico-ite. She moved from Washington D.C. to work for Twitter. Samantha is known for her love of all things typography and design and speaks at conferences around the world about these things. Most recently, about Style Tiles, a concept for showing design to clients that sits somewhere between mood boards (too loose) and comps (too tight). We talk about (roughly in order):



Samantha Warren

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Samantha is an experience design manager at Adobe.

Time Jump Links

  • 16:05 Google Reader shutting down
  • 21:00
  • 11:00 How’s San Francisco?
  • 22:21 When is responsive web design right or not right for a project?
  • 35:30 Should you redesign your personal site before applying to a new design agency?
  • 44:48 Are cheap templates ruining the industry?
  • 52:00 How do you deal with vertical rhythm and fluid images?
  • 58:26 Do the current generation of designers/developers lack critique skills?