Episode 030

With Rebecca Murphey

This week we were joined by Rebecca Murphey. She is a JavaScript developer currently working for Bocoup and creating a training curriculum (something she has experience in doing). Her blog is a must-read for modern day JavaScript devs. We talk about (roughly in order):


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Rebecca Murphey

Web // Twitter

Rebecca is a software engineer at Indeed.

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Time Jump Links
  • $foo syntax for CSS variables dropped. Good or bad?
  • Rebecca's Net Mag drama: an official statement.
  • Do you prefer function declarations or expressions and why?
  • Is JavaScript at it's peak? What is JavaScript's future?
  • What do we think about Adapt.js for responsive design?
  • GitHub Etiquette
  • How do you write tests when your only public functions are init();?
  • Is it OK to charge when you're still learning?

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