022: With Jessica Hische

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This we were joined by Jessica Hische, a prolific and talented letterer (listen in to find out what that term means specifically) living in San Francisco. She's also a darn good web designer and creator of many hilarious and useful side projects. We talk about (roughly in order):



Jessica Hische

Web · Social

Jessica is a prolific lettering artist and designer based in San Francisco.

Time Jump Links

  • Interlink
  • What lettering is and how it fits into the typography world.
  • Moonrise Kingdom (has Jessica's lettering work in it)
  • Chris is doing two big new things: CodePen and a Kickstarter.
  • Southstreet - collection of fancy tools by Filament Group to help with cross-device web design
  • CSS variables landing in WebKit
  • PayPal's thin re-design
  • Working with a small team of folks and feeling like you only do the easy stuff.
  • Pricing for clients (Should I work for free?)
  • Tricks for better font rendering on Windows (see this, picking a that is of high quality, webtype)
  • What are the easiest letters to get started illustrating? (and a fancy word you can start with).
  • How do you make colors look good on all monitors?
  • Should you go through with an $80k design and development degree if you already have a job?
  • How do you deal with non-paying clients?