021: With Nicole Sullivan

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This week we were joined by Nicole Sullivan, a long time web veteran, originator of OOCSS, CSS lint, and tons more. Nicole is definitely a thought leader in the modern web development world who is often ahead of us all. We've watched OOCSS start out as this abstract and highly criticized concept turn into a pretty commonplace practice on large sites. We talk about (roughly in order):



Nicole Sullivan

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Nicole is a product & engineering manager at npm.

Time Jump Links

  • Matt Wilcox on The Responsive Images Problem
  • IE 7 Tax - Company literally charging 6.8% more for products they sell online if browser is IE 7.
  • Isn't OOCSS just moving CSS bloat into HTML bloat?
  • Is there going to be a book on OOCSS?
  • Recognizing when many elements have the same classes, and making a new class that @extends the old ones.
  • Can you use the body element like you would a page-wrapping div?
  • What tools to we suggest for validation in the modern world, especially as part of a workflow?
  • How does SMACSS compare/contrast to OOCSS?
  • When do you call yourself a professional designer or developer?
  • How about universally setting elements to position: relative;