155: With Aaron Mentele

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Aaron Mentele is a developer at Electric Pulp.

We took a deep dive into typography, getting started with freelancing, working with Stephen Colbert, and more.

We talked about (roughly in order):


Q & A:

  • 22:04 I have been looking at the Electric Pulp website and I love the fonts you have used. I am picking fonts for a project in the making and was wondering if there was an efficient way to do this?
  • 26:34 What’s your opinion on using inline styles?
  • 42:20 Do you know of any resources or places out there where there are people that want a website built by someone who isn’t a pro?
  • 47:36 How do you deal with a boss that doesn’t respect his employees’ time and talents?
  • 51:20 How should web designers present their portfolio work in an interview? Should they have a print portfolio like traditional designers, or is showing up with a laptop and clicking through your work online acceptable?
  • 53:59 I’m a long time developer that recently have started to listen to your show as I’ve grown more and more interested in the front end part of the development I do. My question is: where do you draw the line between front and back-end developer/work?


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  • The whole Net Neutrality is a hard subject! You guys handled the little discussion you had well. 🙂 And on the Inline CSS… Any thoughts on using inline style with CritcalCSS? https://github.com/filamentgroup/criticalCSS

    Oh, and I came to hellohappy.com and thought for a sec it was a joke… then realized .org

  • JD Tadlock

    So, I really don’t understand how in the world any of you that make money from the Net would be for the Neutrality thing at all. Yes, net companies suck and we all know customer service is never why we ‘hire’ them to supply us with net access.

    That being said, I have unlimited data on my service just like countless other Americans. If I was a business owner who’s income was based on net traffic from people watching videos, downloading content, listening to audio(hint hint), I would be maybe a little upset if the government took over data bandwidth allotment for me and my clientele.

    Now that my rant is over, I want you to know I really appreciate you guys and love the show. 🙂