049: With David Walsh


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David Walsh is a MooTools lover, recent Mozilla-er, and (for a final “M”), fellow original Madisonian with Chris. David has been writing at his blog The David Walsh Blog for over five years. We talk about (roughly in order): News’n’Links
* That whole domain theft thing
* ShopTalk Shirts
* CodePen PRO is out now Q & A

  • Should you use em on everything, even padding?
  • Why the huge differences between Google Analytics and StatCounter?
  • Is an direct editing through FTP based workflow still OK for “small” sites?
  • How do you fight carpal tunnel and tendonitis? (or is it RSI?)
  • What is a good example of a responsive eCommerce site? (United Pixelworkers)
  • Should you conditionally load resources for sub pages or just load everything on all pages? Sponsors

  • Environments for Humans – Both Dave and Chris will be at InControl 2013 Orlando! Feburary 17-19. Save $100 with coupon code SHOPTALKSHOW.

  • lynda.com – Over 77,000 video tutorials about web technology and much more. Use our link for a free week trial. More David

  • @davidwalshblog

  • davidwalsh.name

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