034: With Jeremy Keith

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This week we were joined by Jeremy Keith, long time super genius. Jeremy works at Clearleft in what he dubs the Research & Development arm. He built Huffduffer, wrote HTML5 for Web Designers (amongst other books), and is an all around swell chap from Brighton, UK. We talk about (roughly in order):


Q & A

  • (10:08), (28:48) Why is there no <main> element? And the Scooby-Doo algorithm.
  • (31:40) HTML5 has a bunch of stuff in it to benefit everybody… except developers?
  • (40:30) Is mobile first design hindering creativity?
  • (51:40) Will HTML5 mobile apps ever be as efficient as Native apps? Is that the right question?
  • (51:40) Bonus CSS riddle.


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