035: With Brad Frost

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This week we were joined by Brad Frost, a web designer and developer who is doing a lot these days for the responsive web design movement. He's created things like Mobile Web Best Practices and This Is Responsive. We talk about (roughly in order):



Brad Frost

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Brad is a web designer, speaker and consultant.

Time Jump Links

  • (14:55) What are our go-to WordPress plugins? (these)
  • (16:18) Life beyond the final breakpoint
  • (21:47) Isn’t adaptive design better?
  • (32:24) How do you deal with a grid when you start with mobile first?
  • (42:45) Ems, rems, percentages, etc. in responsive design, including media queries. (Link about using em’s for breakpoints)
  • (51:52) What is a good UI/UX conference to go to?
  • (57:57) How do you deal with the “view desktop version | view mobile version” thing?
  • (1:07:12) Who’s responsive design would be better? Batman or Flash?