033: With Alex King

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This week we were joined by long time WordPress contributor and entrepreneur Alex King. Alex has been kicking ass on WordPress for longer than we've known it was a thing. He is now the proprietor of Crowd Favorite which does large scale client work and creates find products such as RAMP and Carrington Build. We talk about (roughly in order):



Alex King

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Alex is an entrepreneur and Wordpress core contributor.

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  • 7:30 “The Flowing Standard”
  • 11:40 How do you keep a WordPress database in sync between local development and the live server?
  • 20:58 For someone just getting started with WordPress and wants to run a business around it, what should you focus on, what should your goals be, and how do you stay motivated?
  • 35:52 What is the difference between WP_Query and query_posts?
  • 42:07 Do you ever give clients multiple environments of a site (e.g. staging and production)?
  • 46:25 Now that RAMP is a thing, is it shifting the attitude or creating more interesting around WordPress in enterprise / large companies?
  • 50:58 How do you get started theming a WordPress site? Are there starter themes?
  • 56:24 What is our take on the Akisment plugin for WordPress (since it costs money)?
  • 58:42 Is it OK to hide page/post titles in WordPress? Isn’t that bad SEO?