321: WordPress, Jetpack, and Steve

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Dave and Chris are joined by Michael Arestad to talk about WordPress, Jetpack, and answer your WordPress related questions about building apps with WordPress, back-end devs doing front-end dev jobs, and adding filtered searches to custom queries.


Michael Arestad

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Box model at Automattic, Open sourcerer, WordPress experience adjuster, Sass Emoji Optimization expert

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  • 1:30 Guest introduction
  • 8:50 Display run in bug
  • 11:35 How does an issue get triaged through a large company like Automattic?
  • 18:30 Sponsored by FITC Web Unleashed
  • 19:50 The business of WordPress is clearer now in 2018.
  • 24:30 What's the difference between and
  • 29:00 What can you do with now?
  • 31:50 Dave troubleshoots his parody blog.
  • 33:00 What is something people don't know about WordPress or Jetpack?
  • 40:00 I work for an agency that receives a lot of requests for WordPress sites. However, the problem is that these requests go beyond the scope of WordPress in my opinion. What should I do?
  • 47:35 Why do people think that back-end developers can do the job of a front-end developer?
  • 50:40 What's the best way to add filtered searches to custom queries in WordPress?