320: Internet of Things

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Kianosh Pourian and Dale Sande stop by to talk all about the internet of things. What are some of the ways to avoid the dark side of internet connected devices? How do web designers get into developing for internet devices? What happens when Facebook buys your lightbulbs? And how can Dave build an on-air light for his office/studio?


Dale Sande

Web · Social

UI/UX / Front-end Dev / Design Technologist

Kianosh Pourian

Web · Social

Vice President at Spiria Boston

Time Jump Links

  • 1:04 Guest introductions
  • 1:57 What is the internet of things?
  • 8:15 Not letting the dark side of internet devices impede progress
  • 10:15 Interesting examples of internet of things devices.
  • 13:20 Why is this all exploding now?
  • 18:30 What brings web design and developers to Internet of Things?
  • 28:50 Sponsored by HelloSign
  • 30:14 Are a lot of these devices web based?
  • 33:30 Agriculture is a huge market for internet of things.
  • 35:10 What languages and tools do you work with to build internet of things?
  • 41:24 Sponsored by Netlify
  • 43:40 What happens in the future when Facebook owns your lightbulb?
  • 51:20 What's a hello world intro to internet of things?
  • 53:30 Building an on-air light and homebrew projects