322: Full Stack Crossover with Adam Wathan

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Adam Wathan stops by to talk about Tailwind CSS, how it got started, dealing with large CSS and config files, why you might want to use Tailwind CSS, Purge CSS, and more!


Adam Wathan

Adam Wathan

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Building Tailwind CSS, teaching Test-Driven Laravel, and hosting Full Stack Radio.

Time Jump Links

  • 2:10 How'd you get started with PHP?
  • 7:00 What is Tailwind CSS?
  • 13:05 How it started in LESS.
  • 17:30 Is there a zero config option?
  • 20:00 How big are the config files?
  • 23:09 Sponsored by Digital Ocean
  • 24:25 Do you put Tailwind in the atomic CSS category?
  • 33:01 How big is the CSS file?
  • 40:20 Where do I remove things - in config?
  • 46:55 Sponsored by HelloSign
  • 48:15 Why would I use Tailwind CSS?
  • 54:40 How does Purge CSS work?