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  1. Episode 197

    with Stacy Kvernmo

    Stacy Kvernmo, Senior UX Designer at [Collegis Education](http://collegiseducation.com), is on the show to help us answer questions about lazy loading, fine-tuning WordPress' dashboard, starter themes for WordPress, ways to work more efficiently, and how to handle tough work situations while trying to build websites.
  2. Episode 192

    With Whitney Hess

    We're joined by Whitney Hess, UX and empathy coach, and she helps us answer your questions about jobs, leveling up skills, finding a mentor, and becoming a freelance designer.
  3. Episode 185

    This Idea Must Die

    This idea must die - ideas that exist that are so absurd so seemingly unlikely that you can't believe it even exists at all?
  4. Episode 175

    Rapidfire 48

    We've got another RAPID-FIRE for you this week! Nothing but questions and answers. That's what you like, right? Ohhhh, yeah. We answer questions about fonts on Windows PCs, CSS frameworks, carousels, organizing SASS files, deploying with rsync, unicorns, managing Gulp files, and more!
  5. Episode 165

    With Tim Holman

    Tim Holman is an Australian developer with a strong focus on design and interactivity. He currently lives in New York and is working as a product engineer at Tumblr.