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  1. Episode 178

    Rapidfire 49

    We've got another **RAPIDFIRE** for you this week! Pew Pew Pew, Kaboom!
  2. Episode 175

    Rapidfire 48

    We've got another RAPID-FIRE for you this week! Nothing but questions and answers. That's what you like, right? Ohhhh, yeah. We answer questions about fonts on Windows PCs, CSS frameworks, carousels, organizing SASS files, deploying with rsync, unicorns, managing Gulp files, and more!
  3. Episode 170

    Rapidfire 46

    We've got another RAPIDFIRE for you this week, nothing but the best question and answer magic coming from our microphones into your ears! We answer questions about freelancing and running a small business, CSS preprocessing, conference hangout etiquette, getting started with blogging, Jekyll vs Wordpress, SEO, accessibility roles, and more!
  4. Episode 158

    With Kristina Halvorson

    Kristina Halvorson joined us for a deep dive into content strategy.
  5. Episode 148

    With Nathaniel Deal

    Nathaniel Deal is a front end developer that works at 352 Inc. in Atlanta. We discuss his custom nerf gun + Arduino setups, developing locally with Codekit, responsive tables, designing for Apple Watch and other small screens, and so much more.