mobile first

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  1. Episode 419

    Hey! What About Email, Scroll Triggers, Mobile First vs Desktop, and more?

    We're talking email, custom properties to tame the CSS stack, scroll trigger animation, WordPress blocks, mobile first vs desktop first design, and getting stuff to look nice on mobile Safari. And MORE!
  2. Episode 165

    With Tim Holman

    Tim Holman is an Australian developer with a strong focus on design and interactivity. He currently lives in New York and is working as a product engineer at Tumblr.
  3. Episode 090

    With Pamela Fox

    This week we were joined by Pamela Fox, a web developer and educator currently working at Khan Academy.
  4. Episode 088

    With Scott Jehl

    This week we were joined by Scott Jehl, a progressive enhancer at Filament Group.