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  1. Episode 020

    With Mat Marquis

    This week we were joined by Mat "Wilto" Marquis. He's now a full timer at Filament group in Boston who, while doing client work (like The Boston Globe, have you heard of it?), have done some amazing open source work for the modern web (e.g. major contributions to jQuery UI and Mobile). Mat chair's the Responsive Images Community Group and has been front in center in the work (or shall we say, #hotdrama) toward dealing with responsive images in web design. We talk about (roughly in order):
  2. Episode 018

    With Gene Crawford

    This week we were joined by Gene Crawford, master of the South Carolinian Internet and commander of the triforce that is Unmatched Style. Gene cut his teeth doing client work for many years and now does spectacular web conferences like ConvergeSE. Winners of the Responsive Web Design with HTML5 and CSS3 book: Jeremy Worboys Barry Maxwell Kyle Gordy
  3. Episode 017


    It's RAPIDFIRE time! No guests, no hot drama, and sadly this week no sponsors. We just dig into as many questions as we can. We talk about (roughly in order):