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Rapidfire 52

Rapidfire #52 includes questions about Jekyll, Team Foundation Server, server performance, design training, minimum touch size, cascade vs cascade, estimating projects and as usual - a whole lot more.

With Alex Russell

Alex Russell is a developer working on Chrome, Blink, and the Web Platform Team at Google in San Francisco. He also serves on ECMA TC39 (the standards body for JavaScript) and the W3C Technical Architecture Group. He took us on a deep dive into the future of the web, web components, standards, and more.

With Rob Dodson

This week we were joined by Rob Dodson. Rob works on Polymer at Google. True Facts. We take a deep dive with him into Polymer and Web Components.

With Alex Sexton

This week we were joined by Alex Sexton, a JavaScript developer for BazaarVoice, ex-yayQuery star, Modernizr team member, YepNope inventor, TXJS organizer, and essentially the world's best loved ginger. We talked about (roughly in order):

With Samantha Warren

This week we were joined by Samantha Warren, a designer and recent San Fransico-ite. She moved from Washington D.C. to work for Twitter. Samantha is known for her love of all things typography and design and speaks at conferences around the world about these things. Most recently, about Style Tiles, a concept for showing design to clients that sits somewhere between mood boards (too loose) and comps (too tight). We talk about (roughly in order):