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CSS Errors, Proxy and Reverse Proxy, and What’s The Edge?

Bluesky adds first class support for urls as a username, text-wrap pretty update, sqwunching text update, should CSS spit out errors, anchor functionality, what does the edge mean, eSports and bowling, how to test websites on slower CPUs, and what does proxy or reverse proxy mean?


The Hurdy-Gurdy, OKLCH, Edge Dev Tools, and Ad Blocking

Dave doesn't hate the hurdy-gurdy, but it's creation is an interesting parallel to software development. OKLCH follow up, @media, Edge drops new dev tools, CSS and Astro theming, JavaScript devs discover PHP, how many people block ads, and accessibility and grids.


Talking with Jen & Adam about Firefox & Chrome

Jen Simmons & Adam Argyle stop by to continue our conversations about where browsers are at, and what's coming up for browsers - specifically Firefox & Chrome.


Breaking Browser News

Chris and Dave are coming to you live from the Browser News Desk 2019 to talk about Microsoft Build, Google IO, and other news in the world of website builders.


Blocks and Browsers

Dave and Chris talk about styling Gutenburg blocks, the Edge browser news, mobile web, Opera, web 3, Firefox empathy, and the general state of web browsers in 2019.