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323 ACF With Elliot Condon

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Elliot Condon

Web // Twitter

Web developer specializing in UI & WordPress. Author of the Advanced Custom Fields plugin.

Show Description

Elliot Condon stops by the show to talk about his WordPress plugin, Advanced Custom Fields. We talk about his development process, modern WordPress dev workflows, and how Gutenburg will affect plugins like ACF.

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  • I totally agree with the idea of separating layout/design from content. What Gutenberg seems to be doing is blurring the lines between both and, for me, this devalues the product as a fully-fledged CMS.

  • Local by Fly wheel would be 100 times better if it used Version control to sync a site on their service.

    Also one feature I would absolutely love is the ability to create a reusable ACF block that can be used in other ACF sections.

  • PS, do you guys do these podcasts live? I think a live slack channel might be really good. But could get heated when you hit topics like Gutenberg.

  • Gutenberg at the moment doesn’t even support responsive columns.

    The way it seems to be setup now is terrible for over writing / modifying class names.

  • Just popped in to mention Local by Flywheel is available on Windows as well. 🙂

    Great podcast, and great episode. Cheerio!

  • Lewis

    Loads of sense from Elliot and the guys in this talk, I really enjoyed it. Having ACF (or something similar) integrated into the WordPress core always seemed like the next logical step for WP, so I’ve been shocked at the direction Gutenberg is taking things, which seems completely different and counter-intuitive for developers. It seems Automattic has decided they need a piece of the Squarespace/Wix pie. I expect it to backfire.

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