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319 Hello I’m A Designosaur

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We help you avoid becoming a designosaur by answering your questions about learning React, creating a universal header, jQuery vulnerability, implementing pattern libraries, and taking WordPress development seriously.

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  • ericbutler555

    Re: WordPress using jQuery, WordPress officially dropped support of IE 8, 9, and 10 over a year ago (, yet the included jQuery version that ships with and is automatically used by current WordPress is 1.12.4 (the most recent 1.x version) — and loads in the jQuery Migrate file automatically too. Running Lighthouse in Chrome Inspector’s Audits tab flags this as a “known security vulnerability” every time. The current stable version of jQuery is 3.3.1, which is compatible with IE9+ (

    WordPress also by default includes both jQuery files in the instead of before the closing tag. Yes, you can “wp_deregister_script” these defaults and load in your own jQuery and put it in the footer, but we’ve found major plugins (Gravity Forms, etc.) that break/bug-out if you do so, since they assume jQuery will be in the . Definitely wish WordPress would use better practices regarding jQuery, like your other listener!

  • By using React you support Facebook, by supporting Facebook you give more power to a evil corporation and make the world a less diverse place.

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