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307 Existential Questions

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Show Description

On this episode Dave and Chris talk about how much is a podcast worth to you, follow up questions about Gutenberg, mixing HTML into Javascript, how to sniff out a scam client, theming components in Vue, and how to get started with web assembly.

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Time Jumps


  • David Vargas

    You do still have new audiences. This Is about my 6th or 8th show and I love it! Keep it up guys!!

  • jmoney

    I’ve been listening since Episode 1 and still look forward to every episode.

  • Karol Deregowski

    I started to listen around 8 months ago. But I went through all your episodes since then.

  • Jonny Kates

    Been listening since around ep 50 I think. Still listen to every show and get value out of it each week. Essentially, I owe you money – not sure how much, but would be willing to pay to support the show.

  • Alex

    I’ve been listening since 2013 or so. Hard to tell since at the time I went back to old episodes and remember some of those as well. I skip the occasional episode now, mostly due to the growth of podcasts and the number I subscribe to, but continue to listen very regularly. And more importantly, continue to learn a lot from the show.

    I will share Dave’s appreciation for briefer podcast episodes to fit better into a walk to work, trip to the store, etc. “Rapid Fire” style and focused interviews tend to be my favorites.

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