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294 2K18 Part II

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You've been upgraded to ShopTalk Show 2K18. For this edition we've got magazine corner, bitcoin thoughts, how to start contributing to open source projects, preferred prototyping tools, and finding online community for web developers.

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  • I’m amazed at how helpful and good-humored the Coding Blocks slack is. I’m constantly learning new things, seeing inspiring new things, and soliciting insights from a diverse and worldly crew.

    ….But I’m also a host of the show, so I’m a bit biased 🙂

    It’s dev focused, but I would selfishly love to have more front-end specialists around to broaden my horizon. You can send yourself an invite here if you’re interested:

  • I have to say Coding Blocks slack has a great active community where you can ask any questions or just have a nice chat.

    Yes, as pointed out in this episode, it might be better to learn from StackOverflow but at least people on the slack can help you with which direction to take for the questions you have.

  • Jörn Zander

    What about the forum on css-tricks? And then – recently the wonderful Ire Aderinokun opened up this web dev community: I guess it is a little local though.

  • Jaycie and Kyndal

    This is wonderful ! I happened to run across this in a blog on
    and I’m so glad I did because really enjoyed listening to both of your views and input on this!

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