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292 Noel.js Holiday Spectacular

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Pour yourself a cup of your favorite holiday beverage, spike it with something appropriate, and join us for our holiday spectacular where Dave sings his way through your questions about best practices for deployment, logging in JavaScript, coding practices at a company, and our favorite parts of a project.

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  • ben

    Thanks for the question and shout out for my podcast

    More on my question: in my work flow I now mostly use git on the dev server and live server so i can ftp edit files on the dev and then push the changes then pull down on live. I just like not having any code or environment dependencies on my computer as I’ve been bitten in various ways in the past with MAMP and vagrant etc.

    Happy Christmas!

  • Dandelion is pretty simple for deploying from Git. I use it on all of my projects. The only snag is that you can only specify one destination in the config file (dev/live etc.).

  • I’ve used manual deployments via git hooks with a lot of success (assumes you have a git repo somewhere with your code and have git available on your server/web host). The git hook is not hard to set up. This is kind of old now but it’s an overview of how I’ve done this: If you want to handle Sass compilation/JS bundling etc on the server/web host rather then checking those files into your git repo (which would be better), then you’d need to add an additional step to perform that once the git push to the server is done.

  • Michael Tenney

    You could have used ­ (soft hyphen HTML entity) to break the title in the place you want as the window scales!

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