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Shoptalk Show has a new website! So we'll talk about that along with a bunch of your RAPDFire questions like: What do you do about annoying browser extensions? What's the future of front end development?

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  • Humbert

    Clean site, liked it.

  • Michael Kjeldsen ツ

    No show descriptions on the front page? Hardly user (or Googlebot) friendly 🙂

  • Frederick Weiss

    Love the new site!

  • Jörn Zander

    A t-shirt? Want it!

  • James Hamann

    Not a huge fan of the new layout, but I can definitely get behind the data driven model you used to come up with it. The small team I work on is starting to move that direction with out projects, especially since data is becoming the most important things to our clients. We just did a website for a real estate agency and their number one priority was not design, but being able to incorporate their MLS data and allow clients to easily browse listings.

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