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RAPIDfire Q&A time! Pew! Pew! We're gonna "A" as many of your "Q's" on this one including monitor recommendations, VIM vs eMacs vs Atom, frameworks or vanilla javascript, creating a family tree on the web, BEM, and side projects when you're trying to get hired.

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  • Re: side hustlin’

    When I was involved with hiring at my previous agency I was wary of guys who were vocal about their side hustlin’ activities. When you’re in studio, it should be all business. I was always a little turned off by the amount of private work in a person’s portfolio – especially if they had a number of years studio experience.

    That said, I never had an issue with guys working on their own projects outside of work hours as long as it didn’t impact their day-to-day. I do it!

    Re: learning Javascript

    I think Dave went on a little tangent with his response. I think the guy asking the question wanted to know if it was better to learn vanilla JS first, rather than a framework or vice-versa. As opposed to which you would use on a project.

    I’m in a similar situation, currently wondering what the best approach is. I’m currently coming to grips with the basics of vanilla JS after years of pottering around with and using jQuery (don’t hate me!). I’ve found jQuery has helped, along with playing around with the likes of Greensock etc. but it feels like outdated tech, especially when listening to you guys talk about React all day 🙂

    Great show guys!

    • RE: Greensock – it’s not outdated tech. You can use it in any scenario and it is hands down the smoothes animation possible. The API is also intuitive. Just because it was used along with Flash a while back doesn’t mean it’s ‘old’. I’ve been using it in Ember apps and it’s really fantastic. Enjoy it! : ) If you are looking to up your JS game, I really learned a lot from

      • Hey – I was referring to jQuery rather than Greensock itself. I’ve been looking into the JS only Greensock stuff and it’s not too far away from the jQuery flavour, so hopefully it’ll be a breeze to implement. But thanks for the link I’ll check it out!

        • jQuery may not be ‘nessesary’ in many cases ( – and in the templating of modern MVC – you most likely don’t want to change the DOM in a jQuery way – but the tech of it is still just JavaScript and is not ‘outdated.’ I will always* prefer to write $(element) over document.querySelectorAll(element)

  • philgrayphilgray

    re: family tree

    I was just trying catch up on the latest developments with the russia probe, and found this nice visualization on Washington Post:

    It reminded me of the discussion on the show. They seem to be using some type of svg data vis framework. Maybe D3-based?

  • RE: BEM, I’m sure there are projects of a certain scale where this could* be helpful – but I’ve never worked on one. Toss in a CSS ‘framework’ and a methodology like BEM, and you get some of the ugliest markup you could write/read. It comes down to either assigning your rules in the HTML – or in the CSS. With mixins like Stylus offers – maintainability is much different than it used to be. My preference has always been to have the Markup describe the content – and the CSS to describe the styles. I’ll have to build a project and compare. If stackoverflow is any indication – people are picking up BEM before they understand CSS, which seems like a mistake.

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