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It's RapidFIRE time. Your Q's with our A's like: Which CMS would you choose to handoff a new site to a client? What happens with fragile super-mega menus? What makes a web host fast or slow? What is Atomic CSS really? How should a massive form be built?

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  • Ideas At Random …

    CMS suggestion for Jekyll –

    * “Non-developers update content visually using the CloudCannon inline editor.”

    * “Developers have complete control over the source code and simply build static or Jekyll websites.”

  • Grant

    I would like to echo Ideas At Random’s CloudCannon suggestion. I’ve been using it as a CMS for the past few years and its the perfect fit for small to mid size site development. Clients love how simple updating content or creating new posts/pages became using CloudCannon compared to their past experiences with WordPress, Wix, or Squarespace.

    Give it a try and be sure to visit their latest contribution to the Jekyll community:

  • Herman Steuernagel

    I finally got to listen to this episode last night. I wanted to say that I’ve been using Perch CMS ever since Rachel was on your show last year, and I absolutely love it! I realize this show is about a month old now, but I would definitely use it to fix the issues Chris mentioned about his site. I also have recently used Perch to create a custom mortgage application form, and it was so easy!

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