224: Rapidfire 63

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It’s time for another RapidFIRE episode where we answer your questions about developing for the web. This episode covers topics like developer convenience versus user satisfaction, coding ergonomically, PHP7 on HTTP/2, modern tools adding power but also complexiety, dealing with credit card fraud, an update on sitemaps, and SEO importance in mustache.js. Pew Pew

Q & A

  • 2:00 What are your thoughts on developer convenience versus user satisfaction?
  • 12:20 What’s your guys coding setup ergonomically speaking?
  • 22:40 Listening to the newest episode, and you’re mentioning how you’re about to move to PHP7 and HTTP/2. I recently did this. PHP7 was fine. I had issues with moving to HTTP/2, however. I was receiving the dreaded ‘ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR’ on secondary pages.
  • 30:50 Modern tools provide much more power over the application state, file size and whatnot, but it’s taking me insanely long to build the simplest things. Is frontend development currently in a bad state or am I just projecting?
  • 39:40 In your work and opinion, is a sub-module file something that you’d create once the module got too big, or as soon as there’s a major variation to the module? Or another way?
  • 46:45 Apparently, some people are buying lists of numbers and running them through our website to see if they run across any valid numbers. This is then blowing up our email with notifications from Authorize.net. What to do about the scammers?
  • 52:55 Just letting you guys know that 50 000 links is the limit per sitemap. However, there’s a thing called a sitemap index file which holds links to individual sitemaps which then have a limit of 50 000 links.
  • 56:40 Do you know if any web bots are crawling/indexing js / mustache.js on the fly? Or is there no answer for mustache SEO yet?



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    I am super curious about using the microsoft keyboards with a mac. Does the placement of the keys throw you off? I would love to find an ergonomic keyboard for mac