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It's RAPIDFIRE time. We're answering your questions about things like certifications from courses, selling a downloadable file, EMS vs REMS, single page sites, static site generators, the best online forms, git branches, and icons fonts.

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  • Jason Neel

    Just to throw in my two cents on the flat-file/static-site-generator discussion: I tend to view static site generators as a specific kind of flat file CMS.

    Jekyll would be both a flat file CMS and a static site generator. It ingests a set of flat content file and spits out a full website that you then transfer up to a server.

    Kirby—which you guys mentioned and is what I use for my personal site ever since you had Bastian Allgeier on as a guest (episode 135)—is a flat file CMS but not a static site generator. It uses Markdown files to store content. However, since there is a dynamic, server-side, PHP component to generate pages on the fly (ignoring any caching for the sake of this as it’s not a requirement), it can’t be considered a static site generator. At no real point is the entire site compiled, like what you see with something like Jekyll.

    Does that make sense?

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