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197 with Stacy Kvernmo

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Stacy Kvernmo

Web // Twitter

Stacey is a senior UX designer at Collegis Education.

Show Description

Stacy Kvernmo, Senior UX Designer at [Collegis Education](, is on the show to help us answer questions about lazy loading, fine-tuning WordPress' dashboard, starter themes for WordPress, ways to work more efficiently, and how to handle tough work situations while trying to build websites.

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  • Jason Neel

    I loved the discussion around the topic of orphans and widows in web typography.

    It reminded me of a piece Mark Bouton did for 24ways back in 2013 called “Run Ragged” ( In it, Mark goes over some of the rules he uses for combatting this. He also recommends a script, Ragadjust, from Nathan Ford: The Github repo hasn’t been touched in two years, but it might be of some use.

    • deconai

      Jason, you beat me to it! 😉

      I just built a one pager that uses non-breaking spaces inserted according to certain rules.

  • Morgan Estes

    I released a revised version of the Widon’t WordPress plugin a couple of years ago that builds on the original one from Shaun Inman, called Widon’t Part Deux. It still needs some work, but for now it handles titles and content for posts and pages, and adds a whitelist of HTML elements to check for orphans instead of searching through everything.

  • ben

    “36:08 Do you have tried and true plugins or different strategies for fine-tuning the WordPress dashboard?”

    Bum comment i know but:- dont use wordpress and use a CMS that is built to be modular or customise like Processwire 🙂 instead of fighting WP

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