191: Panel on Ad Blockers

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We’ve got a panel discussion around ad blocking. Three guests, each on slightly different sides of the debate, join us to talk about the controversial topic of ad and content blockers.



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  • Benjamin Solum

    Hey guys, love the show. Just wanted to let you know that the Mp3 file for this episode didn’t end up in the RSS feed so the audio wasn’t picked up by my podcatcher of choice (DoggCatcher – Android). Not sure if it’s showing up for iTunes users or not.

  • Slapout

    I used to not use an adblocker. I felt like the ads helped support the website. Until the day I got a virus from an ad. That’s when I installed an adblocker extension.

  • From a user stand point the want or need to use an ad-blocker are straight forward: Data, Battery, Annoying. The audio from that guest made the episode hard to listen to.