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186 Dave Goes Windows!

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Dave has gone to Windows! And Chris has questions! Can you even develop websites on Windows? (Saved you a listen: Yes you can.) Listen to the internet's favorite fart podcast!

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  • I had my heart set on getting a Mac, but after listening to this I’m not so sure.

  • adolfojp

    Did you guys try PowerShell? It was released about 8 years ago and it is the replacement of the old DOS-like Command Prompt which is kept for backwards compatibility. The last few versions are extremely capable and it is very modern. Instead of piping text you pass around objects and then work with their properties. It takes a bit of getting used to but once you do it’s almost as powerful as Bash. The graphical administrative tools of the new Windows server operating systems are built on top of PowerShell to ensure that everything in Windows can be done with a PowerShell terminal so it’s well supported. It even has some Unix aliases just in case that you type ls by accident. It looks like the old Command Prompt but that’s about it. And the Windows 10 default terminal emulator is way better than the old one. For git I use posh-git with PowerShell and it works great.

  • Jason Webster

    Dave, I’ve really enjoyed using Babun as an alternative to Cygwin on Windows. It installs several tools and plugins for you. Also, the oh-my-zsh prompt is nice.

    • Nice! I’m gonna try this out. I’ve always been jealous of vim

  • Justin Martin

    As a Tech. Admin for a school I work in Windows and Mac regularly. Both have their advantages but a lot of people are way to hard on Windows, especially in the last few years.

    One correction I would make is that Spotlight has been built into the Mac for close to 10 years and even before its latest, internet connected version, it searched through files and content blazingly fast. Windows is playing catch up immensely in the latest search features. Alfred is great (I use Launchbar myself) but the built-in Spotlight was way before its time when it came out.

  • Dave, thanks for trying windows, and thanks to both of you for this episode. I hope to hear more about Dave’s journey. It’s nice to hear I’m not the only sad sap listener running Windows!

  • I’m glad you guys covered this. I use Windows and although I’d love to move to Mac I use bash scripts to save me hours each week booting up and setting up projects, virtual hosts in my locahost etc. A move to Mac would impact my productivity and right now I don’t have the time.

    One thing that annoys me is documentation for frameworks now rarely ever cover how to install on Windows. Such frameworks would never aim to only work on one browser so why aim to work with only one OS? Vista really damaged Windows rep and caused a mass exodus, but 7, 8 and 10 are all good. 10 sounds really good for work. Microsoft just need to drop UAC and stop painting everyone with the same brush.

  • Jon McLaren

    Dave, firstly, Thank you for the fun sound effects. *wait for it* YEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!

    Secondly, I’ve actually devved on a chromebook almost exclusively before, and it’s actually been a very positive experience, and lead me to find a lot of really cool useful web based tools, like CodeAnywhere and Saucelabs(for cross browser testing). There’s also a really cool fun feeling you get knowing your building websites inside another website, inside a browser, it couldn’t be a more PURE experience, it’s like webception.

    I personally prefer windows for development myself but culture has caused designers to move toward Macs, which at the turn of the century there was good reason for it. But Windows quickly rose and changed that. Ultimately you get what you pay for, people associate slow computers with windows because they’re dumb and pay for a $400 computer and expect $1000 quality parts. If Apple made a $400 computer it would operate quite the same way.

    If you compare Apples to Oranges you’re going to get confused.

    But if you compare them with the same hardware, usually you get a lot more for your money with windows.

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