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This week it’s a RAPIDFIRE episode where Chris and Dave answer your questions and Dave has important ideas come to him in the shower. GRABOWSKI!

Q & A

  • 6:53 When using static site generators like Jekyll, what are your solutions/recommendations for processing contact or project quote forms?
  • 15:02 I was wondering either of you have any hands-on experience with any of the new HTML5 hybrid mobile app frameworks like Ioninc, Angular Mobile, Framework7, or React/React Native?
  • 27:50 WordPress plugins make my life easier, but I really dislike extra code being injected into my page. Where should I draw the line drawn between utilizing helpful plugins and keeping control of my code?
  • 34:00 How do I select or deselect a div in js at mouse click event?
  • 38:02 I work as a freelance Front-End Developer and most of my job comes from agencies outsourcing design work that needs to be coded. Is this workflow something that has taken a long time to change or am I just working with some agencies that are staying behind?
  • 47:05 How do you guys feel about an ad agency creating and maintaining their own CMS when there are already so many high-quality solutions available?
  • 53:08 What is the best way to test your website in different network environments? Here’s what I am doing right now: I found an app called Slowy which seems to simulate crappy mobile connections well enough. What is everybody else doing?
  • 57:52 I have been working in the web world for a while now and can’t seem to find a title that fits for me. I guess my question is would web designer be a good title for me? I feel that front-end developer or UI/UX Designer fits me better. In the end do title’s really matter…?



Deploy 24:34

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Environments for Humans 44:46

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  • gavenheim

    Hey Chris and Dave,

    Love the show! I think I’ve almost listened to the whole backlog of Shop Talk Show while making the codez at work. Anywho, another great option for forms is: http://formspree.io/. I use Jekyll a lot on client sites and this is a great option. Hope you both are well!


  • Jon G.

    If your Google form responses go to a sheet, you can turn on notification rules under Tools.

  • Jon G.

    If your Google form responses go to a sheet then you can turn on notification rules under Tools.