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Another RAPID-FIRE for you this week; nothing but HOT question and answer madness.

We answered questions about sidebar layouts, Linux as a dev environment, authentication in rails apps, managing personal and business branding and social media, salaries for junior developers, automated pre-launch testing, and managing Wordpress databases. Dave also reveals his secret desire to switch to Windows for a year.

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  • Daniel De Alday

    I’m super excited for you to come to Long Beach for CSS Dev Conf 2015 and I’m hoping to have saved up enough money to buy a ticket to attend. I’ve been studying front end web development independently to make a career transition so it’d be amazing to sit in that weekend to listen to the noise.

    When you’re here be sure to check out for The Old Boy burrito (bulgogi/Korean marinated beef) or for the Ronaldinho sandwich. Just a suggestion or two for good lunch eats during your visit!


    • chriscoyier

      Nice! Thanks for the tips

  • Jim Jordan

    RE: platforms @ 10:12
    Come on in. The water’s fine. I’ve been multi-platform for the past 20+ years. In 2009 I moved primarily to Linux, originally for web development and eventually for graphics/3D/video as well. Many of my graphics programs run fine on Wine for Linux (Photoshop, Lightwave, FreeHand, Expression, Dreamweaver) and there are plenty of native apps that complete my toolset: Lightworks, Brackets, Geany.

    Whether Mac or Linux, it is still important to have a Windows virtual machine to test web product in IE. I do this with free VirtualBox and the free VMs at

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