112: With Tim Murtaugh

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This week we were joined by Tim Murtaugh, you might know him as the guy who helped make the A List Apart website…

We talked about (roughly in order):


Q & A:

  • 25:48 Why you would use GitHub over BitBucket when the private repos on BitBucket are clearly cheaper?
  • 32:08 How do you prescribe handling various content styles within a given module? Things like font size, color, and bottom margins?
  • 40:34 Do you think that certificates are of value when looking for a job? Is it worth finding and completing courses that ‘verify’ the assortment of web-related skills that I have?
  • 45:10 I came across this website www.unfold.no and I was wondering: how did they make their website scroll infinitely around in a circle?
  • 50:24 Safari Reader – how does it determine the relative content and what to display and at what article length does it kick in?
  • 56:15 I saw this new bootstrap theme/framework that has dozens of pre-made components that you combine like a puzzle to create a website. This looks pretty good at first on how they present it in their video but when I started using it I was disappointed and it took away the fun of making a website. What are your thoughts about buying and editing themes


  • 24:08 Breaking Development: Beyond the Desktop – two events: Nashville July 28-30, and Orlando November 3-5. Beyond the Desktop is a single track conference that looks to blend the conceptual and practical by brining you talks that will give you information you can take back to work the next day as well as new ideas that will force you to think bigger and more long term. Come and join in with other great attendees and speakers to recharge your approach and get excited about working on the web. Use discount code shoptalkshow for $100 off!
  • 38:33 E4H: Artifact Conf May 5-7 in Austin, Texas: a two day, one-track conference with some of the greatest speakers on the web, including Dave Rupert, Jeremy Keith, Trent Walton, Brad Frost, Josh Clark, and more. Use discount code SHOPTALKSHOW for $100 off your ticket (group discounts available).

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  • Great episode as usual.

    I listen to podcasts on my Android with an app called BeyondPod which I couldn’t be happier with, especially because it has variable playback speed so I can listen 3 times faster!

  • Chris / Dave:
    Email subscriptions (Blogtrottr) display these types of links:
    But they are missing
    “episodes/the-title” before the #t=

    • Dave Rupert

      Hmmm… Thanks for the heads up. I’ll add it to the list, might need to do something special with the RSS.

      Edit: It’s weird tho, Podcast players require a relative URL, but email subscriptions would require an absolute URL… anyways. will think about it.

  • I love Pocket Casts as a podcast app on Android. It’s not free but worth the few bucks. You can also sync across multiple devices.

  • +1 for PocketCasts variable speed playback, sync across devices, chromecast support and decent discovery.

  • Chris and Dave, good episode here. I love it. You guys are agreat resource. May I also submit my blog as another resource, Up Next http://upnext.tk Have a good one guys, thanks for sharing!

  • Just switched back to Android from iOS and have found Podcast Addict to be a really nice app for all things podcast. Bunch of great features, really easy to use, and routinely updated:


  • Zach

    I use github for any open source project that I am working on. Sometimes I have private projects that I work on that I don’t want the codebase made public for obvious reasons. Bitbucket offers unlimited free repositories, even for small teams, and so it makes sense to me.

    I used to use gitweb (hosted on my own server) for repository hosting, but bitbucket does this for free.

    My team does have public repos on bitbucket, like our Vagrant for WordPress: