103: With Louis Lazaris

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This week we were joined by Louis Lazeris. Louis is the curator of the Web Tools Weekly email newsletter, co-author of HTML5 & CSS3 for the Real World and author of Jump Start CSS.

We talked about (roughly in order):


Q & A:

  • 20:54 Is there any good solution on how to run page specific javascript functions?
  • 28:50 Question for Louis: Read your recent article on w3schools, but the question remains why their site still loads fast despite that many javascript file requests. Could you try to elaborate on this a bit more?
  • 35:35 I’m interested in finding out what you think of “mobiledetect” a php class for device detection: http://mobiledetect.net/. I’m looking into solutions for swapping out/removing blocks of content (beyond what can be achieved with media queries) on small screen devices and this seems like it could do the job nicely. My main question is, how reliable are solutions like this?
  • 48:15 Have you come across any solutions to the Windows font icon problem or font smoothing in general?
  • 55:40 I’m enjoying learning Sass, but one of those things I can’t wrap my head around is use cases for lists. What would you stuff in a Sass list?


  • 27:09 Media Temple – For years, Media Temple’s Grid service has been the web hosting choice of more designers, developers, and creative professionals than any other platform. That’s because a single Grid account can host anything from your portfolio site to 100 different client projects. Special discount for The ShopTalk listeners, use promo code shoptalk for 25% off your first month of web hosting. Go to mediatemple.net and enter your promo code upon signup.
  • 45:35 E4H – Responsive Web Design Summit April 1-3, online – Lot of great speakers talking about performance, techniques/tips, and strategy when dealing with RWD and workflows. Topics include Sass tips, grunt, tool automation, responsive HTML emails, content strategy for designers, responsive wire framing, and much more. Speakers like Dan Mall, Brad Frost, Trent Walton, Jenn Lukas, and more. The code SHOPTALKSHOW gets 20% off any ticket combo.

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  • Chris & Dave must live in my computer. 🙂

    some topics mentioned here were concerns I have encountered just recently.
    – icon fonts ( icomoon is awesome and excellent )
    – software as a service going out of business ( ..always investigate..)
    – No backend talk, but…what about Angular or MeteorJS?? kinda like both

    great shows as always!

  • Devin Dombrowski

    I guess I’m the guy that mentioned “dropping the ball” with backend stuff. I get that this is a front end show but you are answering and commenting about backend questions, so I suggest that you dedicate a few shows to just that. Nobody is an expert at all layers of the web but some of the things being said could be clarified.

    Truly I apriciate the show.

  • lisa wilkins

    Louis, Thanks for the parting words about.not obsessing. Being a parent and trying to keep up with the newest framework flavor of the week ( “Rube Goldberg 2.3 butt monkey java….”?) is an awesome combo for stress headaches.

  • Paul

    Maths is short for mathematics. FYI