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103 With Louis Lazaris

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Louis Lazaris

Web // Twitter

Louis is a freelance web developer and author.

Show Description

This week we were joined by Louis Lazeris. Louis is the curator of the Web Tools Weekly email newsletter, co-author of HTML5 & CSS3 for the Real World and author of Jump Start CSS.

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  • Chris & Dave must live in my computer. 🙂

    some topics mentioned here were concerns I have encountered just recently.
    – icon fonts ( icomoon is awesome and excellent )
    – software as a service going out of business ( ..always investigate..)
    – No backend talk, but…what about Angular or MeteorJS?? kinda like both

    great shows as always!

  • Devin Dombrowski

    I guess I’m the guy that mentioned “dropping the ball” with backend stuff. I get that this is a front end show but you are answering and commenting about backend questions, so I suggest that you dedicate a few shows to just that. Nobody is an expert at all layers of the web but some of the things being said could be clarified.

    Truly I apriciate the show.

  • lisa wilkins

    Louis, Thanks for the parting words about.not obsessing. Being a parent and trying to keep up with the newest framework flavor of the week ( “Rube Goldberg 2.3 butt monkey java….”?) is an awesome combo for stress headaches.

  • Paul

    Maths is short for mathematics. FYI

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