104: With Leslie Jensen-Inman

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This week we were joined by Dr. Leslie Jensen-Inman, headmaster of Hogwarts the Unicorn Institute (aka Center Centre) in Chattanooga, TN.



Leslie Jensen-Inman

Web · Social

Leslie is a designer, speaker, author and co-founder of Center Centre.

Time Jump Links

  • 26:50 Firefox 26 now supporting audio decoding
  • 29:20 Will Center Centre have online classes?
  • 30:34 Do you guys have any experience with the WordPress plug-in WP Migrate DB Pro?
  • 33:40 For Center Centre: are all prospective 30 courses mandatory, or are there electives? Are all courses consecutive or is summer open to intern/work with partner companies?Also, what's the target size for the first cohort, what's the cost of the program, who are the partner companies, and when can I apply?
  • 43:10 I totally hate my job. I'm therefore trying to turn myself into a freelance developer/designer. Can I acquire the skills I need purely by online and book based learning?
  • 46:48 I've been lucky enough to be working as a Community Manager for an advertising agency taking care of social media and web development. Recently the job has grown too large and is being split in two and I am opting to stay with the development side and we will bring in a new social person. I have been asked to provide a possible job title. Do you have any more suggestions?
  • 52:29 I have owned a small web design company for a few years now. I have reached a point where I just need more of a challenge. I would really love to work with a new start up, or maybe just a larger web firm with more exciting clients, but I really have no clue of how to get my foot in the door. Any suggestions?