058: With Derek Featherstone

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This week we were joined by Derek Featherstone, an accessibility specialist and leader of [Simply Accessible][1], a consulting firm in Ottawa, Canada. The full show transcript [is available here][2]. We talk about (roughly in order):


Q & A

  • 30:00 Does display: table; have an effect on screen readers?
  • 43:35 Are Google and Facebook particularly bad accessibility offenders, or no?
  • 52:45 Is there a “minimum bar” of accessibility to achieve before launching?


  • Dave

    Great show. Very interested in accessibility and good to hear about the AA standard. Would be great to have a website that gives you an accessibility score based on a URL.

  • So happy this interview happened – we need more of this, and more emphasis put on accessible web design, so that’s not an afterthought but a primary consideration.