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053 With Divya Manian & Garann Means

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Divya Manian

Web // Twitter

Divya is an engineering program manager at Apple working on webkit.

Garann Means

Web // Twitter

Garann is a developer, speaker and author based in Brighton, England.

Show Description

This week we were joined by Divya Manian, an "Open Web Pamphleteer" at Adobe and Garann Means, a web developer at Etsy and fellow Austinite with Dave. Together they from Frip Frap, a video podcast about front end stuff. That's right, #CROSSOVER! We talk about (roughly in order):

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Time Jumps


  • Tyler Role

    the “you got squirreled!” – Dave Rupert should without doubt be on the soundboard

  • Chris De David

    Git vs SVN, best way I learned was by watching Linus Trovalds talk about it on stage.
    I found it very funny, and meanwhile, learned a bit about Linus’ character. 😀

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