562: Podcast Apps, Zaraz, Future CSS Thoughts, and Arc

What if Taylor Swift lyrics hold the answers to web dev questions? Podcast app thoughts, using Cloudflare Zaraz, what we're excited about with CSS, Arc browser updates, and are we even developers or are we specialized systems whisperers?



half Arnold, half Tswift, half Terminator. credit gingerchew


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Sent from the future to de-monetize the podcast by combining two very famous and litigious IPs.

Time Jump Links

  • 00:31 Future Swift problems
  • 02:16 Who doesn't listen to this podcast?
  • 07:31 Podcast app listening
  • 16:32 Do we change or have things changed?
  • 21:27 Sponsor: Front End Masters
  • 23:14 Have you used Cloudflare's Zaraz?
  • 35:50 What are you excited about in future CSS?
  • 40:49 Safari actually still lets you link to a custom stylesheet
  • 41:37 Still using Arc
  • 50:03 CodePen embeds and the future
  • 51:56 Are we so mired in tooling and tests and infrastructure that we're not even developers anymore, as much as we are specialized systems whisperers?

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