550: Sanity with Simen Svale Skogsrud and Espen Hovlandsdal

Simen and Espen from Sanity stop by to talk about the origins of Sanity, how Sanity Studio works, good use cases for Sanity, how Sanity does real time updates, what Groq is, and where to start with Sanity.



Simen Svale Skogsrud

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CTO and founder at


Espen Hovlandsdal

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Open-sourceror at

Time Jump Links

  • 00:42 Chris is now on the backend
  • 01:34 Guest introduction
  • 04:15 The origins of Sanity
  • 06:13 How Sanity works, with Sanity Studio
  • 11:34 A good use case for Sanity is...
  • 17:09 Does Sanity Studio have real time updates?
  • 19:19 Does Sanity lock data to sync?
  • 24:02 Auto-save is the assumption
  • 26:39 Using Sanity to develop marketing
  • 30:09 How does Sanity handle staging and dev?
  • 36:58 What's the first experience with Sanity?
  • 41:48 What is Groq?
  • 55:32 Are there limitations to Sanity?

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