549: Ben Ubois of Feedbin

Ben Ubois is the founder of Feedbin, the RSS reader of choice for Dave and Chris. What influenced the creation of Feedbin, the state of RSS in 2023, curating your RSS feed, and subscribing to newsletters in Feedbin.



Ben Ubois

Ben Ubois

Web · Social

Founder and developer of Feedbin.

Time Jump Links

  • 00:40 Mono Rupert
  • 01:04 Guest introduction
  • 02:17 Is Feedbin your full time gig?
  • 03:28 What is Feedbin?
  • 05:20 Was Google Reader's shutdown inspiration for Feedbin?
  • 07:51 How do people react to Feedbin costing money?
  • 13:03 Feedbin as the homebase API
  • 18:04 Handling newsletter subscriptions
  • 20:20 RSS issues and fun
  • 23:10 Social aspects of RSS
  • 29:07 What are some of the challenges of building Feedbin?
  • 35:16 Has there been a surge in usage thanks to Twitter
  • 39:13 Does RSS need to evolve?
  • 46:58 Curating your RSS feed
  • 49:09 Feedbin as a newsletter subscriber app

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