547: WordPress and GraphQL with Jason Bahl

Jason Bahl joins the show to talk about the GraphQL and WordPress connection, his work on WP GraphQL plugin, Faust and Atlas from WP Engine, Jamstack and Wordpress, and more.



Jason Bahl

Jason Bahl

Web · Social

Principal Software Engineer at WP Engine

Time Jump Links

  • 00:42 Guest introduction
  • 04:02 WordPress is amazing - why reinvent it?
  • 06:05 What's the origin story of WP GraphQL?
  • 14:28 How did you end up at WP Engine?
  • 17:27 Caching issues with WordPress
  • 25:57 How do plugins like Advanced Custom Fields work?
  • 27:08 How does it support GraphQL types?
  • 32:59 What's the process of setting up WP Graph QL?
  • 37:47 Can you subscribe?
  • 41:09 How do you get involved with WordPress?
  • 46:07 WP CLI
  • 51:40 Jamstack plus WordPress?
  • 54:36 What is Faust?

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