539: Sameera Kapila and Inclusive Design Communities

Sameera Kapila talks with us about her new book, Inclusive Design Communities, and why you should read the book, learning about group think, how we can all help improve hiring and retention, and dealing with workplace culture issues.


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Sameera Kapila

Sameera Kapila

Web // Twitter

Author of Inclusive Design Communities. Senior Product Designer
at Netlify.

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  • 00:40 Guest introduction
  • 02:07 Book cover color explained
  • 03:26 Why should Dave read your book?
  • 07:02 Not getting taught the why, but the how
  • 13:22 The problem with group think
  • 18:15 Sponsor: Split Software
  • 18:59 Learning about what makes good design
  • 23:04 Improving hiring
  • 32:11 Hiring vs workplace culture issues
  • 40:24 Working at Netlify
  • 46:51 What are pitfalls to avoid in retention?

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