338: How to Think Like a Front-End Developer with Monica Dinculescu

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Monica Dinculescu is an Emojineer at Google and we talk with her about the state of front-end development, knowing what you're bad at vs what you're good at, and coming up with a better analogy for it all.



Monica Dinculescu

Monica Dinculescu

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I'm an Emojineer at Google, where I work on Magenta, making music and art with Machine Learning. Before this I worked on Polymer, and was a big advocate for Web Components. Before that, I used to work on Chrome.

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  • 01:11 Guest introductions
  • 02:45 Quilting with the long arm
  • 04:20 Are we close to Dave's beatboxing robot dream?
  • 06:08 Do you identify as a front end developer?
  • 13:47 Knowing what you're bad at vs what you specialize in
  • 16:49 Are we using the wrong analogy?
  • 18:16 How much does NPM matter?
  • 21:43 Sponsor: Sanity
  • 23:40 How would you build your dream project and team?
  • 28:32 Fixing things only to end up back where you started
  • 30:46 What do you find is the most challenging about front end?
  • 40:12 What are you willing to fight for?
  • 46:12 Do we end up in optimize to delete?
  • 50:58 Any hiring advice?
  • 53:25 Dribbble #1 Progress board
  • 54:35 Dribbble #2 Tracking dashboard
  • 55:43 Dribbble #3 Codrops demo
  • 57:43 Dribbble #4 Mobile homepage
  • 58:34 Dribbble #5 Shortstache 2