Episode 337

How to Think Like a Front-End Developer with Peggy Rayzis

Peggy Rayzis is an engineering manager at Apollo GraphQL and joins us for a discussion of life as a front-end developer with a GraphQL focus.



Peggy Rayzis

Web // Twitter

Exploring the world through code, travel, and music. Engineering manager Apollo GraphQL

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  • 1:11 Guest introduction
  • 2:13 What is Apollo?
  • 7:03 Do you think of yourself as a front-end developer?
  • 8:57 Where do you see the divide in jobs?
  • 11:14 What's your dream project?
  • 17:42 What's the hardest part of front-end development?
  • 22:56 Sponsor: Jetpack
  • 24:27 What problems did you encounter with Vue?
  • 27:51 Is it easy to make a bad query?
  • 35:26 How do you approach performance?
  • 39:13 What's the closet to the metal to spit out GraphQL
  • 42:14 What's the security model?
  • 46:24 Dribbble Design #1 Progress Board
  • 51:18 Dribbble Design #2 Tracking Dashboard
  • 52:59 Dribbble design #3 Full Screen Hover Loop
  • 56:58 Dribbble design #4 Mobile Homepage
  • 58:30 Dribbble design #5 Shortstache 2

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