331: How to Think like a Front-End Developer with Eric Meyer

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To kick off a new mini-series called "How to Think like a Front-End Developer", we're joined by Eric Meyer to get his thoughts on front-end web development in 2018 including throwing a set of website design mockups at him and seeing how he'd break them apart into HTML.



Eric Meyer

Web · Social

Web standards, HTML/CSS, microformats, writing, and speaking guy.

Time Jump Links

  • 1:30 Introduction of the next few episodes
  • 2:35 What's going on with Eric Meyer?
  • 5:00 Did you consider yourself a front-end developer back then?
  • 6:40 Yahoo started as a set of hand edited HTML pages.
  • 9:00 Are you still a front end developer in 2018?
  • 13:00 Sponsored by Native Scripts
  • 14:25 Is performance a specialization or just part of being a front end developer?
  • 17:40 What's your ideal process for a new project?
  • 28:55 What's the most challenging about front end development?
  • 31:33 Flexbox was weird for so long.
  • 35:58 What are of speciality do you have within front end development?
  • 40:01 Mix blend mode baby!
  • 42:02 Sponsored by Netlify
  • 44:02 What wars do you like to wage and what do you stay away from?
  • 51:10 Would would you look for in hiring for front end development?
  • 56:20 Dribbble design question.