Episode 327

Working with State Machines

We're joined by Jon Bellah and David Khourshid to talk about what a state machine is and what's not a state machine. We talk about state machines in React, login forms, going into the wrong state, fallbacks, game development, and working state machines into existing projects.

Jon Bellah

Web // Twitter

Front-end Engineer at TEDTalks

David Khourshid

Web // Twitter

Pianist and Web Developer, with a passion for animations, React, and statecharts. CSE team at Microsoft.

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Time Jump Links
  • 3:20 What's a state machine?
  • 6:20 What is not a state machine?
  • 12:20 Do I automatically get a state machine in React?
  • 15:40 How would a login form work with state machines?
  • 21:40 Does it protect you from going to the wrong state?
  • 29:20 Trying to get our code above the fold.
  • 33:19 Sponsored by Jetpack
  • 34:49 How does a fallback work in a state machine?
  • 48:20 Game development and state machines.
  • 39:40 Can I bring state machines into existing projects?
  • 51:35 What is LearnStateMachines.com?

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