326: Learning Web Design with Jennifer Robbins

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Jennifer Robbins stops by ShopTalk Show to talk about her recently updated book, Learning Web Design - what's been updated, who the book is for, and what's changed since she first published the book.


Jen Robbins

Jennifer Robbins

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Designer, O'Reilly author, ARTIFACT Conference co-founder, mom, interviewer of rock stars

Time Jump Links

  • 1:00 Guest introduction
  • 2:22 Designing the first commercial website
  • 6:00 What were the early arguments over what goes on a website?
  • 10:53 Embarrassing recommendations from early web dev days
  • 14:42 Even things that have been the same forever, eventually change
  • 16:42 Who is Learning Web Design for?
  • 19:50 Quizzing Dave on his web design knowledge.
  • 23:32 Sponsored by Digital Ocean
  • 24:37 Teaser of a thing that may or may not happen
  • 31:20 Doing editions vs different books
  • 36:20 What's new in this edition?
  • 41:20 What was surprising about updating the book?
  • 45:50 What isn't in the new edition that was in the old editions.
  • 52:40 Using floats for positioning.
  • 56:30 Using Indesign for page layout
  • 59:20 Using color to help leverage design instruction